From where I stand

August 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I think eventually I will have a series of posts that start this way. Kind of like that Paul Harvey guy and his rest of the story.

Anyway, I'm just about done with facebook. Still trying to decide if it's worth making an announcement or not. I will keep the page going for tbl Studio to share stuff from here and IG.

Why? It's a money maker, but not for most of its users. It's full of disjointed rambling from the left and the right. People I thought I knew calling for the murder of humans in response to some unsubstantiated post they saw on the internet. The non stop barrage of tired and recycled memes. The daily rantings of religionists, while free thinkers just keep getting attacked by them. Do I need to go on?

I want to spend more time outdoors and that suits me fine.

So here's my updated take on social media . . ..

Don't worry, I have a whole bunch of new food pics to post. And always looking for people to photograph, too. Three of my classmates, even.


Siochán leat, S.E.G.




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