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One of the projects I am working on at culinary school involves creating menus and doing the math to see what it costs to make everything. So that's the introduction for the stuff in the rest of this post.



What is Motus, you might be thinking . . .. It’s derived from the Latin for inspiration or adventure.


A world cuisine restaurant


These are some of our favorites from traveling the globe. Let’s take a culinary trip!



~To whet your appetite ~


Rumakis with Dates and Bleu Cheese. They’re wrapped in bacon!


Laham B’ajeen (Syrian meat pies) Admit it, you’re intrigued.


Panuchos (Yucatán Mexican refried tortilla pies) They’re stuffed!


Spanakopita (Traditional Spinach and Feta Cheese)



~ A soup or salad, perhaps ~


White bean chili with panini croutons


Moroccan Spiced Cold Tomato Soup


Cobb Salad


Caprese Salad


Greek Salad


~ Something a bit more robust ~


Motus Burger (bacon, baked tomato and cheese with pickled curry onion relish)


Lasagne with Italian Sausage


Jäger Schnitzel like the old country


Puerco Pibil. It’s great, but don’t do us like Johnny Depp


Chicken in Horseradish and Chervil sauce


Chicken Tikka Masala


Turkey Breast Roulade with Crimini, Porcini, and Pancetta


Mustard Fennel Pork Loin with Cumberland Pan Sauce


Turkish Coffee-Rubbed Brisket



~ Did you save room for dessert ~


M'hanncha (Moroccan Snake Cake)  It’s not really made of snakes.


Sweet Ricotta Pastries


Coconut Flans


Espresso Granita



~ Drinks~



To quench your thirst, Motus recommends tea (straight, sweet, raspberry, peach)


However, based on a youthful affinity for Mountain Dew, we’ve formed an alliance with the Pepsi distributor and offer their products. (Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Sierra Mist)


Bon Appetit and stuff, y'all



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