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July 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Random things in my head that need to be written down.

School is a brain melter at times. I'm doing reasonably well, despite being a noob.

Today is the 70th anniversary of the first atomic test detonation.

The anniversary of the first moon landing is next week. And if they were faked, who planted that flag, left a car behind, and staked those mirrors to the lunar surface? You can see these things with an inexpensive telescope for yourself.

I enjoyed most of my 12 years of attendance at the US Twin Peaks Festival. Had to qualify that, because the UK has one. But I just get the impression these days that I am not hardcore enough to fit in with the current/modern crop of fans. And to top that off, people I have known for years drift off into little sub elements didn't even find the time to say hello the last time I went. Really? Four days time, during which some of you claim to never sleep . . . and you couldn't spare me 60 seconds?

Don't get me wrong. I love these folks to bits. But the thing that united us back then cannot be our commonality from here on out. At least not in its current form. It has changed and grown into something that I just can't abide anymore. It's like the difference between spending a weekend with your three best friends, vice spending it with your entire graduating class. It is no longer a low(er) key affair that I look forward to. Now it's a great big production. And I get the feeling at times that most are trying to become the alpha dog by being the biggest/greatest/most obsessed fan of Twin Peaks.

Quite simply, with the evolution of the event in recent years, I do not feel like I belong anymore.

And on the heels of that, I am tiring rapidly of social media. It seems as though most of my time on there is spent trying to suppress or filter the negativity and anger. And sadly, most of that is fueled in large part by religion. Or one religion's incessant hate of another. Which from the time I spent being forced to be a "believer" is diametrically opposed to what they keep preaching to you. So to maintain my zen and blood pressure, I'm just going to walk away from Facebook. I already killed off my tumblr and twitter. That will leave me with instagram. And I'm honestly not sure how long that will survive.

So in regards to the US Twin Peaks Festival and Social Media, this is where I'm at right now.

So here it is, Back to the Future day, and I thought I'd add some more to this. That's 21st October, 2015 for the four of you that didn't know it. *wink*

A number of folks have sent messages of solidarity my way since writing this post. So at least I know that I am not alone here; that my perceptions were not misinterpreted. Perhaps I am the only one bold enough to put it in writing?

I can safely add another bit of info, though. I did mention in my original post being done with this for the foreseeable future. I would like to amend that, though. I have one more Twin Peaks Festival in me for the handful of friends that I hold close to my vest. (okay, heart.) I think that they deserve it, no matter what my feelings are. After that, the odds of me returning will dwindle very rapidly.



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