Musings on a fall day

October 09, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Ever have some random song, or just a snippet of one just leap into your forebrain?

When I'm tired and thinking cold
I hide in my music, forget the day
And dream of a girl I used to know
I closed my eyes and she slipped away
She slipped away

That song takes me back to when I was still in high school. (Summer of 1976, for the curious)

The girl I think of when I hear that? I didn't meet her until 2003.

One or two that read this may actually know her name. But she is gone now, and none of us is getting her back. (the heavy sigh would go here)

But the human brain is amazing at associating things, isn't it? That's how a song from 1976 brings back memories of someone who wasn't around until 1980 for me.

I will miss her always, just like my dear old da. :-)

Siochán leat, S.E.G.


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