Photographic Musings, Again

September 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

A photographer's arsenal evolves as he or she does, sometimes fairly rapidly. This is a brief on a camera I owned for a time. And wish I still had. It forced me to totally rethink how I viewed the world. And at times that drove me wacky.  This far removed from it, I really do miss it.  I have evolved enough as an artist to really appreciate what it had to offer.

But foolishly I sold it when all of my local options for quality film processing went by the wayside.  I should have just tucked it away and revisited it.

What camera, you ask? This very Hasselblad XPan II right here.

My old XPan II(C) 2007 Bill Kollas

Since I will never get it back and it's discontinued . . . I am going to explore an ultra wide lens for my D800 and simply cropping to the same aspect ratio. It won't be the same process as a panoramic rangefinder, but the end result will be even better.


Siochám leat, S.E.G.

I miss you, Pop!


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