A Day in the Park

August 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

It wasn't a Saturday, so I couldn't liberate bits of a Chicago song.  This post is about the Janis Endeavour. *wink*

The whole project is low budget and kind of made up on the go.  Much like planning things in advance was what the establishment was likely to do, man.

Anyway, I recently shot with a model for the project at a nearby park. Okay, it's actually an arboretum according to the sign.  The weather held, the light was epic and our planned two hours of shoot time went nearly to three until the nice staff reminded us that we had to leave so they could close the gates.

Since my mind's eye has visualized a four panel presentation for each model, that's what I have assembled here.  Hope you like it.

At The Dawes ArboretumAt The Dawes ArboretumValerie G

Siochán leat, S.E.G.

I miss you, Pop


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