I was ready

April 24, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

As in I was ready to say that spring has finally sprung, but the last couple of mornings have had me questioning that.

At any rate, we've been up in the 70s a handful of times and even flirted with 80 once.

Most of my recent photography has been all about product shots.  With my ongoing quest to de-clutter and simplify my everyday, lots of stuff has made it to ebay and elsewhere.  This far into it, I am mostly down to things that I was sure nobody would want.  But somehow, it ends up selling.  So that's my motivation to continue.

I do have someone local in mind to be a part of the Janis Endeavour, but this oddball weather has been harshing that mellow.  When I get wound up about something, I imagine Master Po counseling young Cain . . . patience, grasshopper!

Regular visitors may have also noticed a change here, too.  I unpublished all of the Twin Peaks Festival galleries.  That wasn't something I just decided to do on a lark, either.  I did two things leading up to that.  1. Asked every visitor for feedback. 2. Marveled at the average of one comment per year I got in return.

The visitor stats showed me that plenty of people are visiting those galleries.  The numbers ebb and flow with social events and media buzz.  Nobody liked a single picture enough to actually take 15 seconds and leave comment.  But what this also told me is that no one was even annoyed enough to tell me they suck.  Never mind that anyone has been able to buy an 8x10 print from those albums since last year.

After investing the time, effort, and money into making these pictures . . . I was left wondering why I bothered.  I'd love to say that the smiles of the viewer would have been enough reward, but there is no way to gauge that.  No feedback at all is still no feedback.

Oh, and one more thing. (thanks SJ)  The mechanism to sound off is clearly linked from the album page.  (this also includes all of my social media contact info AND my phone number)  Take a guess how many people have bothered with that?

I had so much fun at the TP Festival in years past, but perhaps it is time to put that behind me and discover something new?

Siochán leat, S.E.G.

I miss you, Pop!


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