Margie's Merry-Go-Round

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Another fun shot from my first foray into the Mojave and the nearby Owens Valley.  Actually, while I am at it, I'll add two more pictures from the same trip.

If you haven't noticed, I have been re-visiting and reprocessing a lot of things I have photographed in recent  years.  Geez, thinking about it now, these were over two years ago.  I need to get out there again, eh?

The first one is Margie's Merry Go Round in Lone Pine, California.  Sadly, the sign was not in motion when I was there.  Heck, I'm not even sure it does work, and they were closed so I couldn't ask.  But the perfect counterpoint are the wispy clouds on a beautiful February afternoon.

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Margie's (maybe) Merry-Go-RoundWinter Break 2011Margie's (maybe) Merry-Go-Round

Then there is the Attack of the 50 Foot Woman!  Just kidding, it's only actually about 30 feet tall.  From the pose and accoutrements, I believe this was once in place at a good old fashioned drive in.  The pose suggests this lovely lady was once the proud bearer of a platter of burgers and fries.  I found it just outside of the ancient auto salvage yard and race track in Pearsonville, California.

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Attack of the 50 Foot WomanWinter Break 2011Attack of the 50 Foot Woman The last picture is what appears to be an old postal service delivery van.  It may need a bit of work to be road worthy, though.  But in southern California, they'll make a hot rod out of anything.

I did revisit this particular place nearly a year later, and this fixer upper was nowhere to be found.  Who knows what fate it met?  There are precious few people in Daggett, California to ask, though.

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Hot Rod fodderWinter Break 2011Hot Rod fodder

Siochán leat, S.E.G.

I miss you, Pop.



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