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Such a simple little word.

The late Galen Rowell said My first thought is always of light

Diversionary side note:  You can learn a lot about Galen and Barbara and what they were about by visiting this website - Mountain Light.  And if you are ever anywhere near Bishop, California, I highly recommend a visit the gallery of the same name.  The building itself has been converted from duty as a bank in its early years, so even that is worth lingering over.  Now back to where I was going in the first place.

As a photographer, a primarily landscape photographer, those words are almost a mantra for me.  Who else do you know that would travel to the far reaches of his native country to capitalize on the 10 minutes of really good light that you'd encounter in a typical day?  Someone who might get up at 5 AM on a Saturday in the middle of a vacation trip, wade into a river with a flashlight in his teeth to set up a tripod, and be back in bed by 7 AM for a nap?  All to capitalize on three minutes of early morning light?  Looking for this kind of light becomes second nature after a while.

So as I've begun to work more and more with people, this same thought process is with me.  Sure, I could always use artificial light, and often do.  But there is just a magic to the light that our Mother Nature can provide.  But I'm always looking for a way to use/lug around less equipment.  Just remember Siquid mantica non capit, domi relinquendum est, which basically means: If it doesn't fit in your bag, you probably don't need to take it.

And occasionally you spot these little bits of wonderful light and have the opportunity to capture them.  Which leads us to today's image. (and also the reason why you should never leave the house without a camera.  Not a camera in your phone, an actual camera.)

The occasion: a gathering of friends for a marathon viewing of the entire existence of  an old television show.  The place: a cabin in the woods of northern Illinois, which happened to have a glassed in sun room. The subject: two friends who have watched these same old episodes enough times they can quote the dialogue, but are perfectly happy to do it once again.

With the sun slanting in the way it was, I was more concerned initially about moving a bit to get the glare out of my peripheral vision.  And then I spotted this golden light.  I didn't even have anything specifically photographic on my mind, but I'm always thinking about light.   So I captured this, moved my chair a bit, and resumed watching.  I wonder if these two even remember me taking this picture.  :-)

Lauren and MaryMidwest TP Gathering

Siochán leat, S.E.G.

I miss you, Pop.


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