Last Ride aka Incongruency

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The last ride I am referring to is the the Audi R8 Lemans Prototype race car. Wikipedia link  This was photographed at the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course in May of 2005, in what was the last US appearance of the R8.  From there it was on to the 24 hours in France.  After that, the R10 emerged as the first diesel powered LMP car ever.  For this gas burner, try to imagine matting the pedal on a car weighing about 2000 pounds with around 650 horsepower.  For reference, my Corvette weighs about 3300 pounds and has 400 horsepower.

This particular picture was shot with the camera pretty much resting on the tarmac, so you don't get a real idea of how short it is.  From this angle the rear of the car looks about as tall as the spectator walking behind it.  I do remember walking behind the car and marveling that the rear wing did not reach up to the belt loops on my pants.  From here you can't even see the wing. (LOL)

What I find (loosely borrowed from Dick Tremayne) to be the supreme incongruity is how they parked it next to the Team Corvette™ transporter.  I will bet they pay someone these days to make sure a picture like this is no longer possible.

Want to hang it on your wall?  Click HERE

R8 Last RideLast of the R8s

Siochán leat, S.E.G.

I miss you, Pop


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