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I don't even remember if I have already posted something with that title or not.  The great blogging machine can sort it out for me anyhow.

Here is a picture I grabbed at a dinner I recently attended in Washington.  For folks that are interested in specifics, it was at the 2013 Twin Peaks Festival.  There is a very good chance you discovered this website from a link on that website.  It is attended by folks from everywhere, and I'm not just talking the lower 48.  Canada and Australia always represent.  And there is usually someone from some part of the UK.  This year I also encountered people from Italy, Brazil, and Finland.  And I probably missed one somewhere along the way.

Oh yeah, the picture.  This is Christin, who isn't so global, living just one state away from me.  She's actually ready to participate in a costume contest here, as a character from Twin Peaks.  She turned to look at something behind me to my right and I just happened to have my camera at the ready from the previous shot.

This was done with the Nikon D800e and my go to people lens, the 85mm ƒ1.4 D.  Shot at ISO 3200 (a futuristic dream to those of us who grew up shooting film) and stopped down to nearly ƒ4.  For those of you complaining loudly about the noise in your 3200 images, these images are perfectly printable at tabloid size.

ChristinTwin Peaks Festival 2013

SIochán leat, S.E.G.

I miss you Pop, there were more fish to catch.


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